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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Jawariya: Technique or Block Design

Jawariya Meaning 

Jawariya means jowar ka dana (Sorghum or cereal grass). It is one of the fiber rich, protein rich and easy to digest cereal found in India. Joar is a very good food supplement for people who are suffering from blood sugar. It does not only helps to control the blood sugar but also helps in controlling the weight. 

Jowar (Sorghum) seeds on jawariya fabric

Jawariya is a very old and traditional design used in hand block printing inspired from the nature. It is used in hand block printing since many ages by traditional hand block printers specially by "Tarapur Printers". This tradition is almost 400 years old and still in practice. 
Once it was a trademark design of tribal people of Jhabua, Bagh, Neemuch, Ratlam and nearby places in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in India. In tribal community red printed and pink color dyed "Jawariya lugda" (Tribal saree) is considered necessary during marriage. 
Without Jawariya design saree no marriage ceremony considered complete among tribal even today. Continuation of this tradition still encourages traditional hand block printers to continue production of Jawariya lugda. 

Jowar (Sorghum) seeds on jawariya fabric

Jawariya technique of block design
Many of us wonder that "Jawariya" is not a block printing technique but a block design used by hand block printers. This block is made in "gadh" pattern of hand block printing which means when block is printed on the fabric it creates a rich color background. For "Jawariya" design it requires a mastery in craft of hand block printing to get the better impression on the fabric using natural colors. 

Specialty of Tarapur

Though this design was printed in many of the hand block printing clusters but today "Tarapur" cluster made it famous for and thanks to "Jhariya family" specially Shri Pawan and Banwari Jhariya who still producing "jawariya" lugda for tribal community. In a light manner once Banwari  Jhariya told us "Hamne ab tak kai hazar shadiyaan karwa di hain :)" (We have produced lot of jawariya lugda which made possible thousands of marriage of tribal families). 

This tribal design touched artistic height in Tarapur with the magic hands of Jhariya brothers with intervention of designers. 

Transition from traditional to modern times
Now with increase in the demand from urban consumers jawariya design is now experimented with variety of urban outfits including Saree, T-shirts, fabric  and stoles. 

Jawariya Mal Cotton Saree

Jawariya Modal Stole

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  1. I love the simplicity of this design... it is heart touching with naive and naughty character :)