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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Yellow magic of Parijaat: A natural source of golden dye

Tale of Parijaat 

It is to be said that it was a heavenly tree and as per the story mentioned in the "Harivansh Puran" Lord Krishn fought with Lord Indra to brought it to the earth for her wife Satyabhama. According to Harivansh Puran it is also known as "Kalpvriksh" or a tree which bear wishes. It is normally grown upto 8-10 meters long and found in almost all of India.

Parijaat flower on the tree in home garden

Parijaat flower blossoming on the budding tree

Different Name of Parijaat

Its Sanskrit name is #Parijaat and #shephalika. In Hindi #Harsingar Bengali #Shephalika Malyalam #Parijatkam Gujarati #Jayaparvati Oriya #Gangasiuli Kannada #Parijatha Tamil #Parijata  and in English it is known as #NightFloweringJasmine. Its scientific name is #Nyctanthesarbor-tristis.

Source of herbal dye

#Parijaat or Harsingar flowers or Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (Night-flowering Jasmine): Night flowering jasmine produces a very fast natural dye in golden yellow shade. It gave bright shade on cotton and vibrant golden yellow shade on cotton-silk, silk and modal.

Drying parijaat flower

It is one of the major source of #yellow natural/herbal dye by EcoFab. Fastness of dye is good and good for skin too. It works as a herbal therapy for body and skin. 

Bagh Print Modal Saree dyed with Parijaat

Maheshwari Saree dyed with Parijaat flower

Chanderi Saree dyed with Parijaat flower

Other usage of Parijaat Flower

Parijaat flower is one of the most precious home grown #herb used for various purposes. It is anti inflammatory in nature. Whole parts of tree right from its bark, leaves and flowers used as herb to cure different diseases. Its flower and petals used to make a tea or tonic to cure viral fever, cough and cold. Also used in arthritis as a cure.

A tea made from the Parijaat tree leaves, flower along with tulsi leaves is remedy for diseases like normal fever, viral fever, arthritis and cough & cold.

A tea made from tulsi leaves and parijaat flower (either dry or fresh) is very aromatic in taste and a treat for green tea lovers.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

"Bhatti Pooja" by Hindu Chhippa Community

Tradition of "Furnace Praying"

I was wondering what traditional hand block printing exactly mean!!

Since last one year I am visiting Tarapur frequently and this year during Deepawali saw a new dimension about the traditional hand block printing that it is not just a profession but a Pooja (Worship) for craftsmen, and they follow it religiously.

Sharing a video of #Tarapur Printers performing #BhattiPuja after completion of #PitraPaksh or #ShraddhPaksh.

When for the first time I saw that traditional #Chhippa Hindu community follows certain principles and #traditions in hand block printing.

Fortunately at the time of such process I was there in #Tarapur where Chhippa community belongs to the lineage of #SantNamdev ji a tailor by profession and saintly poet lived during 11th century in India.

During the 15 days of #PitruPaksh or #ShraddhPaksh every year #ChhippaCommunity refrain from #Bhatti or #Boiling process. After completion of #PitraPaksh they consult with Panditji and during #ShubhMuhurat(Auspicious time) restart Bhatti (Furnace) by performing its Puja with Mantra recitation.

When I asked about its relevance Banwari Bhaiyya said: Our ancestors were not fools they have prepared every rules and processes with certain reason behind it. There is an spiritual reason and matter of discipline behind it.

Its not just a process but a tradition full of discipline, spirituality and piousness.