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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Eco Printing: An art of printing leaves


History of natural dyes is very old, when there were no use of chemical dyes in practice, because human being was very close to nature and dependent on natural resources only. After industrial revolution and advent of synthetic dyes use of natural dyes started falling. Reasons behind use of chemical dye was easy to use and bright colors. 

Today when world is facing a problem of scarcity of water resources, contamination of existing water resources. In this problem situation use of chemical dyes contributing the most. It is not only contaminating the water resources but also hazardous for human skin and health. To address the solution to the problem we need to go back to the nature. 

Eco-dyed fabric by EcoFab

But very few people were engaged and still practicing the art of natural dyeing and continuing the tradition. Continuing the traditional art of natural dyeing one of the master dyer and designer from Australia India Flint innovated a craft of "Eco-dyeing" and "Eco Printing" using 100% natural dye ingredients to beautify fabric. 

Eco-Printing: A natural art of printing

Today eco printing is an art further developed and popularized by various master dyers and designers like India Flint, Irit and Omila Bir to name a few. Omila Bir a health professional is continuing this art as a passion and to express her creativity. 

Eco-printing requires a huge skill, arduous efforts and lots of practice to get the desired result. Eco printing is an art of printing leaves of various plants by wrapping it under the fabric and dye it with chosen natural dye to get the desired shade and leaf design on the fabric. It is completely a natural process to print and dye the fabric in a complete organic way. 

Ecoprinting on silk by Omila Bir

Most of the dyers are now started growing desired plants and trees to make it more sustainable, eco-friendly and responsible way of dyeing fabrics.

Eco printing is getting popular among eco-conscious customers in Europe and US very rapidly and slowly growing its attention in India too. 

Omila Bir is one of such artists who is popularizing this craft in India. She is working on contemporary and traditional clothing for Indian market. She is one of the first ecoprinter who has done ecoprinting on Indian traditional wearing such as Saree which requires an extra effort because other master ecoprinters can't print more than 3 to 4 meter fabric on contrary to which Omila is doing it on more than 6 meter fabric.

Ecoprint Kurti (Pic courtesy: Omila Bir)

Omila Bir recently collaborated with EcoFab to market her fabulous collection of Sarees, fabrics and stoles.

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